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Northeast Board Culture (NEBC) was established in 2012 in Salisbury Beach after years of heavy involvement in the surf and SUP scene and industry. We are dedicated to the growth and positive development of the board culture in our region. We moved to a larger space at the end of 2015 just over the border in Seabrook, right on the corner of 286 and Route 1A! Here we hope to continue our growth and commitment to the communities surrounding us.
The NEBC staff is made up of seasoned members of the board community who possess a first-hand understanding of the culture and day to day lifestyle.  The shop's ability vibe promotes a comfortable and family friendly environment and we pride ourselves on our ability to relay our knowledge of the sport and the scene through all that we offer to our clients and friends.  
You are the Northeast board culture and NEBC invites you to get to know us. 
~It's a lifestyle, Bru~
Patrick Hall - Owner / Founder
Patrick Hall created Northeast Board Culture in 2012 after decades of experience in the industry.  He is a recognized member of the surf scene in the Northeast region of the United States and has ties in the sport most everywhere that has a break.  Being one of the original surf heads from the beach town of Salisbury, MA, he believes it to be his duty to help the surf culture thrive. Patrick's dedication to the sport and the ever growing culture are the motivation behind NEBC. Patrick can be seen daily at the shop, out giving lessons or playing his guitar nearby!
Brian Morse - Sales Executive / Surf Instructor
Brian is one of the finest surf riders in the Massachusetts north shore and southern New Hampshire seacoast region.  He is young, ambitious, and experienced.  Brian learned the craft from countless sessions with area surf veterans and from competition with new school riders.  He travels the world to embrace the surf lifestyle and culture and returns to the Northeast to spread his industry wisdom and expertise.
Connor Mulholland aka “Baggs” - Sales Executive/Boar Repair Specialist

Connor, our little brother, is a full time composite technician at Merri-Mar Yacht Basin. He is aspiring to design and shape his own surf and paddle boards. With a background in carbon fiber boat building Connor does all of our repairs, you will see him, and Oakley in the shop, and Connor teaches lesson and guides tours part time.

David Roberts aka D. Grommet - Sales Executive / Skate Specialist
D. Grommet is the NEBC Skate Specialist and a recognized rider in the northeast region. David, a young and prominsing skater, is making his name known in the grom scene by placing in all the competitions in the area. Stop in to the shop to catch a skate tip from Grommet while you get your board fixed.
Katie Elizabeth Yameen - Sales Executive 
Katie joined the NEBC team this summer, in the winter season she is the Snowsports School Coordinator at Bradford Ski Area making her a great fit in the shop and more! 
Her smile infects everyone around her; her positve energy and work ethic making our team stronger than ever. Katie will assist in our events, programs, in the shop and more this year!
We CANNOT wait to see what she does over the summer- showing the world that she is not only a winter athlete but a water athlete as well. 
Sarah Jean Turcott - Director of Operations/Fitness & Events Specialist
Sarah Jean Turcott - Director of Operations/Fitness & Events Specialist
Sarah has become the shop "Mom" and you will see her and her son in and out all year round.
Sarah & Patrick starting working together last fall to continue to develop NEBC's youth and adult programs. The shop's collaboration with local instructors, gyms and more make NEBC's current offerings stronger and more diverse than any other local shop!
Sarah has year's of experience working as a teacher, coach, certified trainer and fitness instructor. She rounds out the team with her ability to take the crew and push them all to the next level! 
Lia D'Angelo - Sales Executive/SUP Instructor
Lia was born with the beach in her heart. She grew up a Salisbury local and has been a part of of surf culture the better part of her life. She has been with NEBC since the beginning and helps wherever she can. 
Lia is compelled to put others before herself and is fueled by her passion to make others feel valuable and happy. She goes to college in Tampa but is part of the NEBC family whenever she is home. She is a huge asset both in the shop and on the beach; helping customers understand the culture or getting kids in the water and on boards. 
Matthew Woolfall - Sales Executive/Surf Instructor
Matthew, aka Matty, is from Haverhill but has been a part of the local beach culture for years. He attends Whittier Tech and has such a bright future ahead of him. 
Matty, although, still in school, already has his own landscaping business and works part time for NEBC. Matty is all over the beach this year; helping with our camps, lessons and building future surfers daily! 
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