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Lessons And Rentals
Stand Up Paddle: 
Beginner/Advanced:  1.5 hours - $40.00
Private:                      1.5 hours - $55.00
​Tradtional Surf:         1 hour  -  $45.00
                                  2 hours - $75.00
Take a guided tour with one of Northeast Board Culture's National Surf School Industry Association certified Instructors.  Let our experienced team take you on a SUP expedition into the atlantic ocean and then through the scenic, and adventurous, back river marsh. Sit back and enjoy the ride as we lead you to all of the areas finest breaks and happening surf spots.
Private Tour: 3 hours - $150.00
Group Tour:  3 hours 2 to 4 members - $75.00 pp 
                     5 or more members - $60.00 pp​
Surf Board
1/2 day - $20.00
full day - $25.00
Surf Board + Wet Suit     
1/2 day - $25.00
full day - $35.00
SUP Board & Paddle
1/2 day - $35.00
full day - $60.00 
Wet Suit
1/2 day - $10.00
full day - $15.00
Boogie Board
1/2 day - $7.00
full day - $10.00
Looking to get out in the water with a group of like-minded people, have some laughs and enjoy the surf?  Sign up for and Adult Night Out At Sea with Northeast Board Culture!  Adult Night Out At Sea goes down on Friday nights in July and August.  We take to the sea for 1 hour and then head to the shore for the next stop at our neighboring bar for a beer on us!
Adult Night Out At Sea: $35.00 pp
Friday 6:00pm - 7:00pm
*Subject to change based on tides
Northeast Board Culture offers kid's surf and sup camps weekly.  Camp begins the week after the 4th of July and runs until the end of August.  Our certified instructors teach kids the fundamentals of surfing and show them how to execute proper technique, all while learning about safety. 
Each day is broken down into three parts consisting of 1 hour of surf, 30 minutes of games and snack time, followed by 30 minutes back on the boards and in the water to close out the day. 
Our camps are run at 2 different time intervals daily in an effort to accomodate your schedule and lifestyle.
Camp Hours
Monday - Friday 9:00am to 11:00am
Monday - Friday 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Kid's Camp 1 Week: $215
This price includes Northeast Board Culture t-shirt and goodie bag for all participants!
Get together with your girlfriends, or make some new friends, and join us as we surf and sup in a comfortable and casual atmosphere.
Plus, in our great new location, you can grab a drink or a bite with your friends right next door at the Round Rock!
$35.00 pp
Tuesday 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Call to reserve
*Subject to change based on the tide

Northeast Board Culture has teamed up with some local health, fitness and yoga instructors to offer more programs encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Try one of our new programs offered right here at the beach through one of our Certified instructors.

Beach Boot Camp: Perfect for anyone who needs to get in shape for surf or SUP, drop a few pounds or just loves to get their sweat on outdoors. Get 35-45 min of butt kicking cardio and weight workouts that raise that heart rate through compound exercises to burn fat, strengthen your core, develop balance and build muscle – all while enjoying the beautiful ocean view. Drop in or buy a package – text 339-970-1747 with questions or email to reserve your spot! 

What do you need to bring? Nothing more than you, a towel, a water, and wear comfy clothes.  

*Optional: weights- you can bring a light set of weights if desired but not required, all workouts will still be effective without weights

Classes start the week of July 4th and are:
Monday- 7:00 AM (No Class on July 4th)
Wednesday- 6:30AM
Thursday- 7:00AM
Need a night class? Let us know by texting 339-970-1747 and we will create additional classes based upon demand!

*Times subject to change based upon the weather.

SUP & BEACH YOGA: Check back for the schedule! 

Find that balance and zen you are looking for with our certified SUP Yoga instructor. Text 339-970-1747 for questions and details about the upcoming classes!

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